Fast Five director Justin Lin set for Hibernation, new sci-fi thriller

With all the projects to choose from, Justin Lin has finally settled on HIBERNATION...

THR has it that FAST FIVE and FAST SIX director, long attached to a 5th TERMINATOR movie (among others), will indeed direct HIBERNATION, a sci-fi thriller scripted by first timers Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Will Frank. Film 360 will produce, as company men Ben Forkner and Guymon Casady helped hash out the script. Perfect Storm's Troy Craig Poon and Bruno Wu will jointly produce.

Plot details for the flick are being well shrouded, but it's the project is described by Poon as a "dynamic futuristic thriller. The story is fresh, inventive and one we found immensely compelling."

Can't ask for much more than that? Thing is, with sci-fi going above and beyond this year with flicks like LOOPER, PROMETHEUS and CLOUD ATLAS, the bar has definitely been raised. Can this Lin fella, known for more commercial popcorn flicks, actually deliver the goods?

We shall see...

FAST FIVE hottie Jordana Brewster!

Extra Tidbit: Lin directed ANNAPOLIS? Ugh...
Source: THR



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