FilmDistrict has The Last Word from 30 Days of Night: Dark Days director

FilmDistrict, which is currently enjoying the success of the EVIL DEAD remake (not to mention OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN), is continuing its stay in genre territory with THE LAST WORD, a horror film inspired by true events written by Ben Ketai (30 DAYS OF NIGHT : DARK DAYS; pictured right). Frank Mancuso Jr. (the FRIDAY THE 13th franchise) will be among the producers.

Here's what they're giving us so far:

Based on actual events, the horror film will focus on the strange and tragic aftermath endured by the participants in the trial of a young man in Texas who was wrongly convicted and executed for the rape and murder of a nun.

“After hearing about this story and reading Ben’s script, we were compelled to work on this unique project,” said FilmDistrict’s CEO Peter Schlessel. “We’re excited for audiences across the world to be disturbed and fascinated by this bone chilling story.”

Mancuso added, “’Based on a true story’ has been overused as a marketing ploy however this film will scorch an indelible imprint on those who see it. The powerful words of this dying man will never be forgotten.”

30 DAYS OF NIGHT: DARK DAYS star Mia Kirshner

Extra Tidbit: Anyone familiar with this "true story"?
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