Find out when The Raid 3 is set; new details revealed

Who wasn't blown away by Gareth Evans' THE RAID: REDEMPTION? It was a stunning, back-breaking, ass-kicking good time that left fans clamoring for more, and we'll soon be getting just that as THE RAID 2 will be putting a beatdown on us this March. Even better? We can expect another sequel to come our way as the series has been planned as a trilogy from the very beginning, and today we have some details on THE RAID 3 to share with you.

The filmmaker recently shared some details on Twitter and it looks like THE RAID 3 is going to have some interesting overlap with part two. Evans teased...

" 'The Raid 2' takes place two hours after the first, 'The Raid 3' would start two hours before 'The Raid 2' ends."

It seems like the narrative for this series is going to move at an unrelenting pace.

Evans also shared some other interesting tidbits about the upcoming sequels, which we've listed below:

  • The [RAID 2] trailer is 2min 35sec and with the exception of one shot, it’s all new footage from the teaser. Only spoilers for Act 1 setup.
  • Naturally, there’s a ton of stuff we have kept hidden from the trailer. About 4/5 action scenes don’t feature at all.
  • I also wanted to put less emphasis on the brutality – this is the closest I could get to a green band version.
  • The final shot is a tease – that fight I still get goosebumps watching it. Iko and Cecep gave everything they had for it.
  • We spent 1.5 months just designing the final fight. That’s the most complex we have done so far. Another 3-4 weeks on pre vis. Still a lot of work to do.
  • We had a 3min 45s steadicam scene in a club but we cut it for pacing reasons. All deleted scenes will be on Blu-Ray/DVD. I’ll do a commentary track, hopefully this one will be more interesting.

THE RAID 2 hits on March 28, 2014, and while you might think Evans will dive straight into THE RAID 3 there is a chance he'll be taking a brief break to make an English-language film first. Details on that project are under wraps but, as always, plans could change.We'll be keeping an ear to the grindstone on what we may see next from Evans.

Extra Tidbit: Are you stoked for THE RAID 2?
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