Find out which two actresses are in line to play Sarah Connor in new Terminator


In prep of its July 2015 release, Deadline is reporting that Paramount and director Alan Taylor are seriously considering a pair of ingénues to play Sarah Connor in the much anticipated 5th TERMINATOR film. And the dames are...

First up is Emilia Clarke (seen right), who is said to have a slight edge by virtue of having worked with Taylor before on "Game of Thrones." Fans of the HBO hit series know that Clarke's Daenerys Targaryen is a formidable enough character that it wouldn't be a real stretch for her to play another tough as nails character like Sarah Connor.

Also in the running is Brie Larson (seen below), who's coming off two well received indies this year in THE SPECTACULAR NOW and SHORT TERM 12. At first blush, she more resembles Linda Hamilton (the original Sarah Connor) than does Clarke, but that hardly makes a difference in front of talent.

But regardless of who is cast as the steely heroine, Deadline also mentioned that Kyle Reese and John Connor will both feature prominently in this version of TERMINATOR (with casting to come after that of Sarah), so perhaps jumping around in time should be expected. Either way, it's good to see this sucker finally moving along toward its respective 2015 release date.

Extra Tidbit: Who would make a better Sarah Connor in your opinion: Brie or Emilia?
Source: Deadline



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