First clip from Cold in July featuring Michael C. Hall and Vinessa Shaw

Here's your first official clip from Jim Mickle's COLD IN JULY, starring Michael C. Hall and Vinessa Shaw. In the clip, a mullet-sporting Hall finds that his home has been broken into, and he doesn't plan on simply walking away.

Also starring Don Johnson, Nick Damici and Sam Shepard, COLD IN JULY goes like this:

While investigating noises in his house one balmy Texas night in 1989, Richard Dane puts a bullet in the brain of a low-life burglar, Freddy Russell. Although he’s hailed as a small-town hero, Dane soon finds himself fearing for his family’s safety when Freddy’s ex-con father, Ben, rolls into town; hell-bent on revenge. However, not all is as it seems. Shortly after Dane kills the home intruder, his life begins to unravel into a dark underworld of corruption and violence. Twists and turns continue to pile up as the film reaches its inevitable destination: a gore-soaked dead end.

COLD IN JULY will be released in theaters and Video On Demand on May 23rd by IFC Films.

Vinessa Shaw



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