First still from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D is here!

Last week we were treated to the first TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D poster (pictured in part above) and this morning we have the very first still from the film.

I’ll be honest-- to me it looks like it could be a still from either of the remakes. This is a bit disappointing, as I’ve always thought the overproduced music video look of that series really held them back (along with the terrible acting, writing, and direction, of course). These films should be focused on recreating the gritty, grindhouse feel of the original rather than going the super slick route. Though TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D is being touted as a sequel to the original 1974 film, this still along with the poster make me think its style will be more stylistically in line with the Platinum Dunes films.

Then again, this is just one still, and it isn't that Michael Bay-ish. It seems relatively light on the washed out color filters, which is nice, and Leatherface (Dan Yeager) is suitably hulking and menacing. I’m going to chalk up my complaints to early morning crabbiness... for now. TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D is directed by John Luessenhop and will star Alexandra Daddario, Scott Eastwood, Tania Raymonde, and Sue Rock. It'll also feature nifty cameos by franchise vets Bill Moseley and Gunnar Hansen. Check out the pic and synopsis below and feel free to talk back to set me straight about the movie, my fellow Schmoes.

The film continues the legendary story of the homicidal Sawyer family, picking up where Tobe Hooper’s 1974 horror classic left off in Newt, Texas, where for decades people went missing without a trace. The townspeople long suspected the Sawyer family, owners of a local barbeque pit, were somehow responsible. Their suspicions were finally confirmed one hot summer day when a young woman escaped the Sawyer house following the brutal murders of her four friends. Word around the small town quickly spread, and a vigilante mob of enraged locals surrounded the Sawyer stronghold, burning it to the ground and killing every last member of the family – or so they thought. Decades later and hundreds of miles away from the original massacre, a young woman named Heather learns that she has inherited a Texas estate from a grandmother she never knew she had. After embarking on a road trip with friends to uncover her roots, she finds she is the sole owner of a lavish, isolated Victorian mansion. But her newfound wealth comes at a price as she stumbles upon a horror that awaits her in the mansion’s dank cellars.

Extra Tidbit: Honestly, I'm not really sure TCM '74 ever needed sequels. On its own, it is peerless. As a franchise, it falls pretty flat, though I do love parts 2 and 3 on their own.



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