Found footage Friday the 13th still alive? Adam Green once approached to direct??

Some interesting FRIDAY THE 13th-related news has been uncovered thanks to Adam Green and Joe Lynch's The Movie Crypt podcast (shout-out to F13Community.com for catching it).

It would appear as though the found footage angle, which we've heard rumored for years (and wrote about as recently as last month), is indeed a legitimate possibility. Green himself kinda sorta confirms that he was approached to direct a FRIDAY THE 13th sequel years ago. He was obviously not as keen on the found footage angle as the producers were, but states if they were open to making it a regular "movie movie", he'd be happy to revisit the idea.

And the project is evidently alive and well. Green and Lynch's special guest Mike Mendez (director of BIG ASS SPIDER) has heard Paramount is high on a particular individual to direct ("not a filmmaker", he adds cryptically) and is targeting a budget of $8 million. Green comments that the found footage thing is still so popular at Paramount thanks to their PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films. (They also had quite a success with THE DEVIL INSIDE and have ALMANAC and AREA 51 waiting in the wings.)

So, all of this is to say that if we do get another F13 in the near future, it's likely to be delivered via nausea-inducing shaky cam. Exciting, right?

Extra Tidbit: Is there a director in particular you'd like to see tackle a FRIDAY THE 13th film? What about Adam Green?



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