Fox pegs McG to produce live-action adaptation of Wes Ball's sci-fi short Ruin

From OUIJA to RUIN, looks like McG has found his next producorial gig...

THR has it that Fox is negotiating a deal to acquire Wes Ball's 8-minute animated short RUIN, of which the studio has tapped McG to produce a live-action feature adaptation. More, the property is being eyed as a potential franchise. Ball is set to direct at least the first leg.

Co-written with Ball by T.S. Nowlin - RUIN is set in a post-apocalyptic North American city overgrown with foliage and has an I Am Legend meets Terminator 2 vibe. While light on story, it’s a showcase for Ball’s ability to stage exciting chase sequences.

Although details are scant, the parallels drawn, T-2 specifically, are pretty damn exciting. As fate would have it, I watched T-2 yesterday for the first time in years, and boy does that sucker hold up. I'm not even a huge Cameron fan, but damn, those early chase sequences are fucking masterful.

As for RUIN, the short premiered on Vimeo this past March. McG's Wonderland Sound and Vision will produce, with Mark Viola shepherding.

Malin Akerman stars in the McG produced STOLEN

Extra Tidbit: Did you see RUIN? How was it?
Source: THR



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