FX still hopes to adapt the dark superhero graphic novel Powers for the small screen

The last update we got on FX's upcoming adaptation of the graphic novel series POWERS came back in May 2011, when we got word on some casting for this shite. Well considering that was well over a year ago you're probably wondering what the deal is with "Powers," right? I'm about to fill you in!

According to Variety FX and Sony TV are still hard at work to bring POWERS to the small screen with no giving up in sight. You see last year a pilot for the series was shot and then rejected by FX head John Landgraf, who went and hired Charles Eglee to do some re-writes. Plans are for FX to reshoot the "Powers" pilot with a whole new cast, though there's no telling when that will be happening.

The comic, from writers Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, centers on a pair of cops who investigate crimes perpetrated by those with superhuman qualities.

The cast for the original pilot included Jason Patric, Lucy Punch, Charles S. Dutton, Titus Welliver and Carly Foulkes, though like I said, a whole new cast is expected for the pilot reshoot.

So what do you guys think? You want to see a TV show based on "Powers" or could you care less about this one? Spit some bullets below and let us know as we wait for more updates from the project.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite show on FX? Personally I'm a big fan of 'Wilfred' and 'Archer.'
Source: Variety



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