George Orwell's 1984 gets adapted again courtesy of Imagine & LBI

One of the few books I felt compelled to reread in high-school was George Orwell's dystopic nightmare, 1984. Shite's a true masterpiece, worthy of a better screen adaptation than Michael Anderson gave us in 1956, and the one Michael Radford gave us in 1984. Not to say those are terrible adaptations, but somehow, like most I suppose, they never eclipsed the actual text.

Well folks, now it's Imagine Entertainment's turn. Word from THR is Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are teaming up with Julie Yorn's LBI Entertainment to retell 1984 on the big-screen.

Apparently renowned street artist Shepard Fairey was imperative in bringing the property to Imagine and LBI. As a result, he may end with some producorial credit when all is said and done. Writers are now being sought after before Imagine and LBI take the project to a major studio.

If you haven't read 1984, do so ASAP. Here's what it's all about:

The story of Winston Smith presents the world in the year 1984, after a global atomic war, via his perception of life in Airstrip One (England or Britain), a province of Oceania, one of the world's three superstates; his intellectual rebellion against the Party and illicit romance with Julia; and his consequent imprisonment, interrogation, torture, and re-education by the Thinkpol in the Miniluv.

Yeah, no single paragraph can encapsulate the brilliance of the book. Those who've read it know what I mean.

That said, do we really need another film version? I know the themes are as salient as ever, but damn, movies are for kids these days, how are you going to make a serious, thought-provoking adaptation of 1984 if you're trying to pander to 14 year olds? And the thought of CG. Wow.

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Extra Tidbit: Shepard Fairey, who designed the Obama "Hope" posters, once designed an album cover for my roommate.
Source: THR



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