Germany's Falcom snatches up The Wayans Brothers' Untitled Found Footage Comedy

Way back in February we heard about another spoof flick heading our way that would poke fun at our beloved genre. Actually said flick would poke fun at this 'found footage' craze currently tearing through the horror genre. That's actually okay with me... Especially considering it's coming from The Wayans Brothers! Well one Wayans Brother specifically - Marlon Wayans (above left).

Now word coming in from Variety has this Untitled Found Footage Comedy making some noise at Cannes! Apparently Berlin-based distributor Falcom just snatched this shite up! IM Global is handling sales for the flick internationally.

I know it's not news worth writing home about but it's nice to see a small update on this one, no? Guess that means more news on this Untitled Found Footage Comedy should be rolling our way sooner rather than later, right? We hope so!

Extra Tidbit: While Variety claims the project is Untitled the last we heard this thing was going to be called SMART ASS. Oh and Liana Mendoza (above) stars.
Source: Variety



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