Ghost hunters will Bleed on March 25th

Wandering into abandoned locations in the middle of the night in hopes of having an experience that would scare the wits out of most people sounds like a recipe for disaster, which is why ghost hunters lend themselves to being characters in horror films. A new batch of ghost hunters will find themselves in over their heads on March 25th, when director Tripp Rhame's BLEED receives a theatrical and VOD release from Gravitas Ventures.

Starring Riley Smith, Chelsey Crisp, Michael Steger, and Lyndon Smith, BLEED follows

a group of friends as they explore a burned down prison on a ghost hunt, which quickly takes a turn for the worse. 

Yep, I could have told them that going in there was a bad idea.

A trailer for the film can be viewed below and shows how what appears to be a lovely and idyllic time descends into fear and filth. The title seems to be fitting, because blood is spilled along the way.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching BLEED?



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