Go a little mad and down the drain with this Bates Motel Season 4 teaser


They've gone full psycho over at A&E, as the network's first trailer for Bates Motel's fourth season gives us a hint of Norman Bates' most infamous murder. I'm speaking, naturally, of the tragic slashing of Marion Crane in the bathroom of Cabin #1 - will we see such a thing occur this season, or is the network just teasing us with some unforgettable PSYCHO iconography They're also using Norman's most famous line of dialogue, to boot.

Here's the official synopsis for Season 4, which runs 10 episodes:

This season Norma becomes increasingly fearful and desperate, going to great lengths to find Norman the professional help he needs. This further complicates their once unbreakable trust while Norman struggles to maintain his grip on reality. Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell) once again finds himself drawn back into Norma and Norman’s lives. Will things finally heat up between Norma and the other man in her life, Sheriff Romero, and just how much further will he go to protect her?

Bates Motel returns on March 7th; it'll be immediately followed by the series premiere of Damien. (And A&E has already exploited our knowledge of THE OMEN to successfully promote that show.)




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