Guillermo del Toro attached to yet another film: Trollhunters!

Every joke and/or compliment directed at Guillermo del Toro and his propensity to align himself to every other project under the sun has been made several times, by yours truly and everyone else, so I'll skip it this time to say that the man has attached his name to another film, an animated project called TROLLHUNTERS, which he's set up at Dreamworks Animation.

Details on TROLLHUNTERS are being kept under wraps, but I guess we can assume it's about... troll hunters. The film, which del Toro is writing and directing, will be made for 3D.

"Animation is a singularly unique medium in that it allows an artist to envision, articulate and manipulate whole new worlds that spark the imagination in amazing ways," said Guillermo del Toro. "Nowhere have I found a greater concentration of spirit and creativity than at DreamWorks Animation and I cannot imagine a better place for me to pursue my ambition as a filmmaker: to tell the best possible stories that can reach the biggest number of people around the world."

No telling how this will impact AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS and THE HAUNTED MANSION, both of which seem to be at the top of del Toro's to-do list. Until he's actually sitting in a chair with the title of the movie stamped on the back of it, I'll just wait and see before I nominate any of these movies "his next".

Extra Tidbit: TROLLHUNTERS shouldn't be confused with THIS troll-hunting movie.
Source: AITH



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