Gyllenhaal, Dano & Nighy join The Host director's new monster movie Okja

Any fans of THE HOST and SNOWPIERCER out there?

Well get ready to be stoked. Word is Korean visionary Bong Joon-ho is molding a new monster movie called OKJA, and like his last flick, is attracting some serious A-list talent to partake.  In specific, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Bill Nighy and Kelly MacDonlad have all signed on to the flick, with Tilda Swinton in early discussions to join. That's high-wattage!

Absolutely zero plot details have been dished, but it seems OKJA is now in pre-production for an April 2016 shoot. The plan is to have the flick ready for U.S. release by early to mid 2017. Worth the wait, I'm sure!

As you can see from the shot above, Gyllenhaal and Dano reunite after working together on PRISONERS. If OKJA is anywhere near as good, or on par with Joon-ho's HOST and SNOWPIERCER, we're in for a real f*cking treat. Stay tuned!

Extra Tidbit: Which do you like better: THE HOST or SNOWPIERCER?
Source: Variety



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