Harvey Weinstein wants Scream 5 to happen

Unsatisfied with the SCREAM legacy after the way part 4 wrapped up? Well, so is executive producer Harvey Weinstein, who offered a glimmer of hope to those of you anxious to see Ghostface rear his (or her) ugly face once again.

Currently attending the Zurich Film Festival, Weinstein made it clear that he's hoping his brother Bob - who runs the brothers' genre division Dimension Films - gets the series going once again.

"Everyone lived in Scream 4. I'm begging him [Bob] to do the movie and just end it. We've milked that cow."

Sort of a mixed blessing to be found in that statement. While admitting that they have indeed "milked that cow", Weinstein appears to be intent on seeing the surviving members of the cast finally bite the dust.

However, it may not be in the company's financial interest to give SCREAM another go: SCREAM 4 made $97 million worldwide, and while that's not a terrible number, the film cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 million to produce (not counting prints and advertising). That's not exactly a profitable product.

My hunch is that SCREAM 5 will only materialize if the impending television show is a success. What do you think?

SCREAM 4's Marielle Jaffe

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