Has Eli Roth made a sci-fi horror movie called Mission: Fear?

Mission: Fear Eli Roth

After being attached to direct the giant shark movie MEG for roughly nine months, Eli Roth vacated the director's chair over budgetary issues. Now he appears to be attempting to make up for lost time. He's developing a sequel to THE GREEN INFERNO, has signed on to direct a horror movie called ALEISTER ARCANE with Jim Carrey in the lead role, and will be directing Bruce Willis in a remake of DEATH WISH.

Apparently that's not all Roth has going on. Yesterday the filmmaker took to his social media accounts to unveil an oddball teaser for what everyone is assuming to be a sci-fi horror movie that he has shot or is shooting in secret. A project called MISSION: FEAR.

Despite the teaser, the cloud of secrecy around MISSION: FEAR remains pretty thick. We'll keep you updated if/when more details are revealed on the way to its April 2017 premiere.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think MISSION: FEAR is?
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