Has the Robocop reboot's 2.0 suit been revealed?

Everyone pretty much hates the new ROBOCOP suit. Well, maybe "hate" is too strong a word. Perhaps we're just "less than thrilled" with it? Really, we should have probably just taken it in stride as it seems ol' Robo goes through a couple of redesigns in the reboot. The new set picture below reveals what could be "RoboCop 2.0" and the design is interesting to say the least.

If you can get past the blurriness and JJ Abrams-esque lighting, you'll see a more hulking take on ROBOCOP than we've ever seen before. Really, he looks more IRON MAN or War Machine than RoboCop, stripping him of any real human resemblance. As it turns out, that may be sort of the point. According to Drew McWeeny's script review, "In the film, when Murphy is turned into Robocop 1.0, it's described as 'a high-tech version of the '80s suit.' Then they show a focus group scene where criminals laugh at the design. 'He looks like a toy from the '80s!' So they redesign him to look 'meaner' as Robocop 2.0, who passes focus group approval."

Still, for a ROBOCOP 2 model, the suit is no Kane. Then again, I doubt if it also has a drug dependency. Man, I really enjoy ROBOCOP 2... Wait, sorry, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, check out the possible RoboCop 2.0 suit below. The remake gets dumped into theaters February 7th, 2014. Until then, feel free to bitch about or defend the suits some more in the talkback section below.

Extra Tidbit: "Kane! Let's step outside..."



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