Hayley Tinline to direct Scottish slasher Bridal Fever

Bridal Fever Nicolette McKeown

Having recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, the gory grindhouse slasher BRIDAL FEVER will soon begin production in Scotland with special effects make-up artist Hayley Tinline at the helm, making her feature directorial debut.

Drawing inspiration from classics like ALICE SWEET ALICE and BLACK CHRISTMAS, BRIDAL FEVER 

tells the story of Lisa, a troubled young woman plagued by cruel memories of a monstrous childhood. Now married, Lisa thinks that she's finally escaped the seething rage trapped within her...until the moment she witnesses the love of her life cheating with a naive teenage girl.

This is a mistake that husband Stuart may quite literally pay for with his life. The film follows Stuart, his lover and their friends as they explore the ruins of an old children's hospital. They are not alone, however, and soon find themselves fleeing for their lives in a night of unparalleled violence and mayhem. One by one, the friends are pursued and subjected to an array of unspeakable horrors dished out by our bloodthirsty bride.

The film is set to star Nicolette McKeown (pictured above) as the bride, with Craig MacLachlan as the cheating husband.

I'm always on the lookout for a fun new slasher to watch, so this project sounds interesting to me, especially with Tinline promising to use her practical effects knowledge to pack the film with "some of the most imaginative and horrific cinematic deaths imaginable." Yes, please.

Bridal Fever Nicolette McKeown Hayley Tinline

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