Hellraiser's Simon Bamford to star in Mike Clarke short film Confidence

Simon Bamford, perhaps best known for playing the slobby Cenobite Butterball in the HELLRAISER franchise, will be taking a very different role in the short film CONFIDENCE, directed by Mike Clarke. The short is penned by Paul Kane, author of The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy. These people clearly care about the HELLRAISER mythos, and let's hope that they can bring that sensibility to their work!

CONFIDENCE is a short and unusual delve into the mind of a shy man attending a self help course that takes a turn for the worse under the heckling of the therapist who is supposed to be helping him.

The production is set to commence in February, and if you want to help provide the finishing funds, you can head on over to their Kickstarter right here. Maybe you can win a prosthetic limb! Who doesn't want one of those?

Bamford, boasting a slightly different look in NIGHTBREED
Extra Tidbit: What's your preferred Bamford look?



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