Horror @ the Box Office: March 23-25 - The Hunger Games wins big, smashes records

Happy Hunger Games everyone!

Was there any doubt that THE HUNGER GAMES would not only finish the weekend at the number 1 spot but also smash records? It gathered a total of $155 M domestically, which included recording setting midnight screenings, the biggest March opener of all time and it is now in third position for the all-time best opening weekend just behind HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PT 2 and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Nothing else really made a splash, however THE RAID: REDEMPTION didn’t do too badly for something in limited release on 14 screens and it actually had the highest per-screen average next to THE HUNGER GAMES! The film will be opening up in more locations in the coming weeks so be sure to check if it is coming near you and see it!

This Friday sees the release of WRATH OF THE TITANS, will this be able to knock off THE HUNGER GAMES or will it settle for another place in the Top 10? It will also go up against Tarsem Singh’s MIRROR MIRROR, which in all honesty looks terrible.


1. The Hunger Games
$ 155 M NEW
2. 21 Jump Street
$ 21.3 M $ 71 M
3. The Lorax
$ 13.1 M $ 177.3 M
4. John Carter
$ 5 M $ 62.3 M
5. Act Of Valor
$ 2 M $ 65.9 M
6. Project X
$ 1.9 M $ 51.7 M
7. A Thousand Words
$ 1.9 M $ 14.9 M
8. October Baby
$ 1.7 M NEW
9. Safe House
$ 1.4 M $ 122.6 M
10. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
$ 1.3 M $ 97.1 M

Jennifer Lawrence

Extra Tidbit: So did you see THE HUNGER GAMES or were you lucky enough to catch THE RAID: REDEMPTION?



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