Hotel Transylvania 3 sets its wake-up call for 2018

While it was bloody unlikely that THE GREEN INFERNO was going to be number one the weekend it was released, it was utterly blown out of the water by the surprisingly successful sequel HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2. The flick had producers seeing green, and in addition to a cartoon series hitting TV in 2017, they lept to announce HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3.

With the core voice cast (including Adam Sandler) returning, the flick will hit theaters September 22, 2018, the same day as the Warner Brothers' animated theatrical Scooby-Doo pic. Who knows where the story will go after Selena Gomez's teen character already had a child (maybe a reality show?), but it's bound to be blood-suckingly strange.

The franchise is expanding like they received lessons from Jason Voorhees himself, though series director Genndy Tartakovsky will not be returning to this money-printing machine. Currently no director has been announced, but surely one will be announced soon. These movies don't draw themselves. More on this story as it breaks!

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen the HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA films?
Source: Den of Geek



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