How's this for a treat! Bad Moon commentary with Eric Red, Michael Pare and myself this Halloween!

Hey all, just a little Arrow in the Head Halloween announcement! To this day ERIC RED'S 1996 horror movie BAD MOON is considered to be one of the best werewolves movies ever made. And it has amassed quite the cult following over the years and for good reasons: it has assured directing by Red, stand-out and mostly animatronic werewolf effects (by Steve Johnson) and a powerhouse performance by Pare. Now to this day BAD MOON is only available as a bare bone DVD with zero extras on it. Well this Halloween, we're gonna give you more than that!

Writer/Director ERIC RED, star MICHAEL PARE and myself will be recording an audio commentary for BAD MOON which will be available to download here on Arrow in the Head this coming Halloween. How's that for a treat!? So if you don't own the movie yet, get it or bookmark it on Instant Video here so you can enjoy what is sure to be a memorable sit down with all 3 of us talking chop-shop. You know me y'all, I'll ask the tough questions ;) So that's it, I am done for now! Here's the UNCUT and VERY NSFW opening of BAD MOON to tie ya over till then, a scene I am sure we will talk about!

Extra Tidbit: Anybody here that hasn't seen Bad Moon?



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