Huh? Is SyFy Films really planning a Waterworld sequel? A TV show?

Say what now? A theatrical WATERWORLD remake form SyFy Films? Just, wow!

According to Forbes Magazine, this is could be a real thing. Ever since merging with Vivendi Universal Entertainment in 2004, NBC & SyFy in particular having been looking to get in the big-screen business (hence the formation of SyFy Films in 2010). Under '04 merger, a number of Universal titles were available for SyFy to sift through, and it seems WATERWORLD might be the one they've settled on.

Why? Apparently the infamous box-office bomb in which Costner swigs his own piss is wildly popular on the cable network. So much so that it averages about 400,000 views every time it airs. Still, let it be known, nothing is official here. No writers have been attached, despite SyFy wanting to develop theatrical scripts. The idea of a WATERWORLD TV series has also been kicked around, but even that is a stretch at this point.

Says network pres Dave Howe, a WATERWORLD sequel was “never really on the cards,” though they've “talked about endlessly” and remains a possibility, he says.

Alright I have to ask, is there really a market for a WATERWORLD sequel OR TV show? If so, I imagine it's for a laugh and nothing more? Am I wrong?

Extra Tidbit: Most random news ever or what?
Source: Forbes



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