Humans plan to nuke vampires in six-part series Age of the Living Dead

Age of the Living Dead

When you hear of something that has "of the Living Dead" in its title, you probably immediately assume that it's something zombie-related. I do. With classics like NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD out there, it's tough not to. However, the upcoming six-part television series Age of the Living Dead is not actually about zombies. This one is about vampires.

Voltage Pictures has acquired the international sales rights to Age of the Living Dead and will soon be presenting the series to potential buyers at the Hong Kong FilMart and MIP-TV in Cannes.

Created by Simon Phillips and directed by Paul Tanter, Age of the Living Dead is 

set in a near future where America has been quarantined by the rest of the world and divided into two halves – vampires on the East Coast and humans on the west. A no mans land keeps the two sides apart and a fragile peace exists, but both sides have plans to break the truce and destroy the other. While the other world superpowers debate intervening, a small group of humans grant refuge to a young vampire who may be the key to their survival... or their destruction.

The Voltage Pictures announcement offered a little more detail, mentioning that the story involves

humans providing vampires on the opposite coast with a compulsory, weekly blood donation. Eventually the humans manage to re-arm and plan a nuclear strike on the vampires as a final strategy to end the war.

Nuking vampires? I can't read that without thinking about the nuke conversation in ALIENS, and while the late Bill Paxton's ALIENS character would give a "F*ckin' A!" to that idea, his NEAR DARK character wouldn't be as enthusiastic.

The cast of Age of the Living Dead includes Nicola Posener, David Meadows, Bill Oberst Jr., and Estella Warren.

Age of the Living Dead

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