Insidious: Chapter 4 adds Acevedo, Davison, Locke, and Gerard

Spencer Locke

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 is currently filming, with THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN's Adam Robitel becoming the latest director to guide us into The Further, taking over the helm from James Wan (who directed INSIDIOUS and INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2) and Leigh Whannell (who has written all of the films and directed INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3).

Details on this fourth chapter in the franchise are being kept under wraps - there is no plot synopsis for Leigh Whannell's screenplay, we don't know the time period, who's being haunted by what, nothing. We did know that Lin Shaye, Whannell, and Angus Sampson are reprising the roles of paranormal investigators Elise Rainier, Specs, and Tucker, and that they're being joined by franchise newcomer Josh Stewart, and that's it.

Of course, a movie like this needs more than four cast members, and a new casting announcement has just doubled the list.

Although absolutely nothing is known about their characters, Universal Studios and Blumhouse have revealed that the INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 cast also includes Kirk Acevedo of DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, Bruce Davison of the first two X-MEN films and the original WILLARD, RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION / AFTERLIFE's Spencer Locke (pictured above), and SMILEY's Caitlin Gerard (pictured below).

The Deadline report of this casting news initially mentioned a fifth actor, a young girl who will be playing a familiar character as a child, but apparently that's an announcement that is being held back for a later date. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Produced by Jason Blum, Oren Peli, and James Wan, INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 is set for an October 20, 2017 release.

Caitlin Gerard

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Source: Deadline



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