Insidious will come back to haunt us with a fourth chapter

Insidious 4 Leigh Whannell James Wan Lin Shaye

The INSIDIOUS franchise might hold a second string position next to James Wan's other haunted house franchise THE CONJURING, but Blumhouse pictures have a habit of resurrecting themselves. After INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3, directed by series screenwriter/co-star Leigh Whannell, raked in a good ten times its budget worldwide, it was pretty much a given that the franchise would be coming back to haunt us once more.

At CinemaCon this weekend, Sony announced just that. The INSIDIOUS book is slowly converting from a novella to a full-fledged novel, adding a fourth chapter. No director has been announced, but it is assumed that Leigh Whannell will return to helm the next entry after his success with his eerie, atmospheric directorial debut.

I don't imagine the franchise could continue without its central Scream Queen Lin Shaye. Her character, the medium Elise, became more or less the central focus of the third film, which was a prequel to the original two entries. If the series continues in this vein, it would essentially be like a string of POLTERGEIST sequels telling the story of Zelda Rubinstein's Tangina, and who wouldn't want that?

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Extra Tidbit: Do you prefer INSIDIOUS 2 or 3?



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