Intergalactic bounty hunter Jeremiah Harm coming to the big screen from Iron Sky director

Tero Kaukomaa and Timo Vuorensola, the Finnish filmmakers behind that insane 'Nazis from Space' film IRON SKY, are teaming up with frequent Bruce Willis collaborator Arnold Rifkin (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, TEARS OF THE SUN) to bring the graphic novel JEREMIAH HARM to the big screen. And they want you to help them!

The comic, written by Keith Giffen and Alan Grant for Boom! Studio, goes like this:When three of the galaxy's most fearsome criminals escape confinement on a prison planet and wind up on Earth, the authorities have no choice but to free the most wanted man in the universe - Jeremiah Harm - to track these fugitives down and stop them. He doesn't love you, he doesn't want to be your friend, he isn't your super-hero - and God help you if you find yourself in harm's way!

The filmmakers have already launched an official site and Facebook page for JEREMIAH HARM to help obtain financing - IRON SKY snagged some of its $10 million budget via crowd-sourcing, so obviously these fellows want to see if the same tactic works again. To aid their pitch, they've created a promo trailer, which you can watch below.

IRON SKY hottie Julia Dietze

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