Interview: Ethan Hawke talks Sinister!

In the creepy new feature SINISTER, Ethan Hawke plays a writer who uncovers a series of brutal murders that may be connected by a dark and, you guessed it, sinister force. The actor is especially good taking on the role of a father and husband who attempts to protect his family, even though he is placing them in harm’s way. He gives a terrific performance in the new film and really creates a likable, yet conflicted hero.

This was my first time sitting down with Ethan and he was every bit as nice as I’d expect him to be. When we talked, the subject of writing about real life horrors came up and how he approached playing a character like this. We also talked about taking on the role of a father who tries to protect the ones he loves in this dark and frightening tale. SINISTER arrives in theatres just in time for Halloween this Friday at a theatre near you.

"It's about the boogeyman. It's about the darkness under the stairs. Things you don't understand...that go bump in the night."



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