INTERVIEW: Final Destination 5! Jacqueline MacInnes-Wood, Miles Fisher and Ellen Wroe

FINAL DESTINATION 5 happens to contain a couple of the most cringe inducing deaths that the franchise has provided for audiences. It also features a cast ready and willing to take on the challenge and have fun with the material. I was impressed with Miles Fisher, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Ellen Wroe as they are all truly memorable in the film. Although if you are afraid of spoilers, you may want to wait as we do talk about some of the “accidents” in the film here.

Miles Fisher (young Tom Cruise anyone?) also talks about his character, and what he brings to the table without spoiling too much. It was a real pleasure to talk to this terrific group of actors. Each one happy to be a part of the FD franchise, and they seemed to be enjoying talking to the press about the film. There was nothing jaded or cynical about any of them as they are some of the nicest actors I’ve met. FINAL DESTINATION 5 opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

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