Interview: One on one interview with Prometheus Director Sir Ridley Scott


Sir Ridley Scott made an early impression on my young life. The experience of watching ALIEN was quite literally mind-blowing and forever cemented my love of film. This appreciation for science fiction continued with BLADE RUNNER, a film that only improves with age. Throughout the years, Scott has maintained his status of one of the most influential directors in Hollywood today.

With PROMETHEUS, Scott is making his return to not only sci-fi, but the ALIEN universe as well. While the film has garnered praise and disdain alike, I was extremely impressed with this new – yet familiar – world. When I sat down with the director, we talked about the religious aspects and the epic scale of what can be accomplished. It is so inspiring to see what a kind and thoughtful – and clearly intelligent – man Sir Ridley really is.

PROMETHEUS opens today at a theatre near you!

"Of course we've got action and nasty things...actually, they're pretty wonderful nasty beasts... “

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