INTERVIEW: Underworld Awakening stars India Eisley and James Theo!

Before I had the opportunity to check out UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING and speak with Theo James and India Eisley, I had only been vaguely familiar with James and his career. As for Eisley, she was very new to me as I have yet to catch an episode of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” However after watching the latest adventures of Selene vs. Lycans, I was excited to talk to both of these fine actors.

Once I sat down with India and Theo, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice they were. I enjoyed both of their performances, and it was great to see how Eisley fit into the mythology of Underworld. She spoke about ripping a Lycan apart while James talked about taking on the role and being a part of this successful franchise.

The two actors bring their talents to the latest installment, one that could most certainly bring on another journey into Lycan and Vampire territory. UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING opens this Friday at a theatre near you.


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