Ironically, the Poltergeist remake screenwriter starts fresh

While the EVIL DEAD remake trailer is getting all the buzz on the interwebs, let us not forget the other high profile horror remake Sam Raimi is producing. It has been confirmed that OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL writer David Lindsay-Abaire is now hard at work on the screenplay for the remake of POLTERGEIST for Ghost House Pictures.

The long-gestating project has seen scribes Scott Derrickson (SINISTER) and Juliet Snowden & Stiles White (KNOWING) draft versions, but it seems Lydsay-Abaire will be tossing out their work and starting anew. In regards to the original, reports say Lyndsay-Abaire's script is looking to "pay tribute" to Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg's classic. You know, by totally rewriting it. 

Am I the only one surprised Raimi has the balls to remake a film as purely Spielberg-ian as POLTERGEIST? I hope it devolves into a pissing contest and Spielberg announces a DARKMAN remake tomorrow just to f**k with Raimi. What about you guys? If you think this is a pointless project, get them fingers on your keyboard and tell us, dammit! 

Extra Tidbit: I would remake POLTERGEIST by mixing in the best elements from all the sequels. Especially young JoBeth Williams with 80s hair (pictured above).



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