Is an It Follows sequel on its way? The distributor sure hopes so!

IT FOLLOWS is currently the talk of the horror world. (We sure talk about it a lot.) After proving to be a smash in limited release, the film's distributor Radius-TWC wisely decided to give it more theaters and delay its VOD debut, and while it hasn't been an enormous box office smash, it's more than holding its own, having grossed over $8 million domestically. Not bad for a movie that would likely have been just another VOD horror flick, here today, gone tomorrow.

So what's next for the ghostly STD? The Weinsteins love their sequels, and as IT FOLLOWS is well on its way to becoming a cult classic, a follow-up is only natural - especially when you consider how much more there is to discover about its central mythology. In a Deadline.com article chronicling the movie's success, Radius-TWC co-president Tom Quinn had this to say:

Already the success of It Follows has exceeded our goals. The ultimate goal for us: We want to see another sequel.”

Let's ignore the "another sequel" part; I'm sure he meant "a sequel." Just don't expect one immediately. When I spoke to director David Robert Mitchell last month, he let me know he's not about to dive right into another IT FOLLOWS, even though he's open to the idea of making one in the future. 

 When I wrote it, it was just about doing this film, this one thing. I certainly have a ton of ideas for things that could happen, either with these characters or other characters in this situation, but I don't know. Right now I'm not planning to do that, I have some other films that I'm trying to put together that are different genres. I like the idea of jumping around and doing different kinds of movies. A lot of people I know didn't expect I would make a horror film, but I love horror films and wanted to make one. I like the idea of continuing to do that and surprise people. I do intend on making another horror film, I don't know if it would be connected to It Follows or some other thing, because I feel like I learned a lot of things making this and it would be fun to try and do something better, to be honest. If people really wanted it, if that ends up being the case and there's a desire for more of this, I would think about it. As of this moment, I haven't decided.

Radius-TWC would be wise to wait until Mitchell is ready; IT FOLLOWS has such a distinct tone and atmosphere that it would be near unimaginable to picture anyone other than Mitchell making the next one.

What do you think? Would you be up for a sequel to IT FOLLOWS?

Source: Deadline



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