Is Brian Yuzna gearing up for Society 2?!

Brian Yuzna's SOCIETY is a truly unique experience; a grotesque dark comedy/horror film that contains one of the most out-of-control third acts you'll ever see. Honestly, if you've never experienced the film - and it's not easy to do now, since it's out of print - you should make it a priority to track it down, somehow, someway. And DON'T read anything about it; it's more "enjoyable" that way.

In any case, Yuzna, who also brought us such treats as BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR and THE DENTIST (he's also a longtime Stuart Gordon collaborator), is taking it upon himself to revive the insanity of SOCIETY with a sequel. In an interview with Nerdly, the producer-director revealed that he's in the process of trying to get SOCIETY 2 rolling forward.

I am actively working on it. Once again it is all about the financing. My idea for a sequel is to have it take place in these super exclusive late night clubs that they have in Hollywood. Once you get in there is always a VIP room or a VVIP room that is off limits…

It's not going to be easy getting SOCIETY 2 made; there aren't enough people in this world who actually know what SOCIETY is, for starters, and the subject matter is sure to be too gruesome for most production companies. But here's hoping that Yuzna is successful; there's no doubt that SOCIETY 2 would be unlike anything else in the marketplace.

Extra Tidbit: Have you experienced the madness that is SOCIETY?
Source: Nerdly



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