Is there still hope for a Dredd sequel? Karl Urban thinks so

Collider recently caught up with Karl Urban in anticipation of the release of his latest flick STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS and he dropped some hopeful words on the possibility of a sequel to DREDD. He mentions that he had recently been in touch with DREDD screenwriter Alex Garland and the idea of a sequel is "not off the agenda" as he states that the film's ultimate fate lies in the hands of its fans.

Interestingly enough, I did have breakfast with Alex Garland this morning. It’s not off the agenda.  Clearly everyone has woken up to the fact that an audience has found this movie and loves it. It’s entirely possible, and if people want to see another installment then they should be vocal about that, because, it can happen. The power of fandom can resurrect projects. In fact, that’s what happened with Star Trek. They weren’t going to do a third season until fans did a letter writing campaign and they continued that series.

DREDD found the bulk of its audience when it hit shelves and has since then gathered a very passionate fan-base that would love nothing more than to see a sequel get made. Urban makes a good point because fans can have a pretty loud voice and with enough interest there's a solid chance we could actually see this thing come to life.

This pretty much sums it up for all of us!

Extra Tidbit: Are you hopeful that we will someday see a sequel to DREDD?
Source: Collider



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