Is this really the premise of the new Mortal Kombat movie?

It's been two years since Kevin Tancharoen's MORTAL KOMBAT: REBIRTH surprised us with a new, gritty twist on the game's universe and over a year since the premiere of his MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY web series. It's about time we got some details on that upcoming feature film we've been promised for so long. Well, the good folks at Bloody Disgusting claim to have nabbed an exclusive scoop regarding the film's story.

According to the site, "the live-action reboot will follow a lowly unlucky supermarket employee who discovers that he has out of this world powers and must decide between good and evil, even though the evil side has helped him discover his true potential and who he really is".

Erm... Is it just me, or does this premise sound like anything but a new MORTAL KOMBAT movie? Frankly, if this info is legit, then it pretty much killed any anticipation I might have had for the flick. I get the need to introduce a 'fish out of water' character in order to get the general movie-going audience up to speed on MK mythos, but the whole "lowly supermarket employee" angle just seems lame to me and brings to mind the 1993 SUPER MARIO BROS adaptation. Oh well, I guess we'll find out how it all turns out soon enough.

MK LEGACY's Jeri Ryan

Extra Tidbit: You might think I'm completely off my rocker, but I still think the original 1995 MORTAL KOMBAT is one of Paul W.S. Anderson's best flicks.



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