Jackie Earle Haley is The Dark Tower's Sayre

It has been said that director Nikolej Arcel's cinematic adaptation of Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER saga will not be following the order of the books, and if the fact that the female lead to be played by Abbey Lee is a character named Tirana, who had a small part in the seventh, climactic book in the series, wasn't enough proof that there are going to be some substantial changes to the narrative, further proof has arrived in the announcement that Jackie Earle Haley has signed on to play Sayre, "a menacing humanoid who is the vampire leader and kowtows to no one."

A character with ties to King's SALEM'S LOT, Sayre didn't show up until the fifth DARK TOWER book, Wolves of the Calla. King has assured fans that even though the film begins in the middle of the saga's story instead of at the beginning, "it is the story."

In addition to Lee and Haley, THE DARK TOWER is set to star Idris Elba as gunslinger Roland Deschain, Matthew McConaughey as his nemesis The Man in Black, and Tom Taylor as Roland's young ally Jake Chambers.

THE DARK TOWER is scheduled for release on January 13, 2017. If it's a success, hopes are that it will kick off a franchise of multiple films and potentially a companion TV series.

Abbey Lee

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