James Cameron says we could see Terminator 2: Judgment Day in 3D

James Cameron is busy working towards getting his sequels to AVATAR going, but he took some time out over the weekend to head to the Hero Complex Film Festival in the US. While he was there, he was asked whether plans were afoot to release either of his TERMINATOR movies in 3D, something fans of the series have long been asking for.

Cameron pretty much ruled out doing anything with the first film, stating...

"You could upgrade it to 3D but it’s still pretty gritty, available light photography, low budget filmmaking. We’d spend more converting it to 3D than we spent on the movie. That feels a little imbalanced to me."

But TERMINATOR 2? Cameron argues that it's a "more polished film", adding that...

...it has a kind of timeless appeal. If there was someone who was interested in doing that, and we could make a good case for the business model like, perhaps let’s say, it’s never been on screens in China which in the next few years is about to become the biggest market for films worldwide. That alone might justify the cost of a conversion which might be 6 or 7 million dollars. And then a 3D re-release might attract some eyeballs in North American and Europe and then the Chinese release, which would be the first release on the big screen, might pay for it.

Cameron went on to say that this is some distance away from saying it's happening, but instead that "we're looking at it".

I, for one, would certainly plunk down the cash to see T2 in 3D. And 2016 just so happens to be the 25th anniversary of the film, so could we see TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY in 3D by then? It sounds possible. We'll keep you updated!

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Source: Slash Film



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