Jason Voorhees actor Richard Brooker passes away

Some very sad news to share with you folks today as FRIDAY THE 13th PART 3's Richard Brooker has passed away. Aside from being credited with being the very first actor to ever wear the famous hockey mask as Jason, he also went on to appear in James Sbardellati's DEATHSTALKER as well as many horror documentaries. Today his passing was confirmed by his former business manager Eric Branden on Facebook saying:

It is my sad obligation to tell all of you that my first client and dear friend Richard J. Brooker past away earlier today. There are many words spoken and there are so many words left unspoken. I'm still shocked so excuse me that I leave you with this few words only. My prayers goes to his family all over the world.

Brooker passed at the early age of 58 and he will be severely missed by all. Thank you for your work behind the mask of one of horror's most iconic monsters, and of course, for haunting my dreams.

Extra Tidbit: [R.I.P] Richard Brooker (1954-2013)
Source: AITH



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