Jennifer Tilly, Fiona Dourif & Alex Vincent in new Cult of Chucky set pics

Boy, Jennifer Tilly really knows how to work her Twitter account, am I right guys? I not complaining, not by a fu*king mile, but, wow, the girl can tweet some tweets. 

As we showed you yesterday, and the day before, Jennifer Tilly (aka Tiffany) has joined the ranks of the other returning Chucky adversaries up in Winnipeg for shooting on the new Don Mancini helmed CHILD'S PLAY sequel CULT OF CHUCKY.

We all knew Fiona Dourif was back. We all knew Alex Vincent was FINALLY back (after a brief cameo at the very end of CURSE OF CHUCKY, hope I didn't spoil anything there) , and we all learned recently that the BRIDE OF CHUCKY herself, Jennifer Tilly was now back. But it is quite the fanboy dream to finally see the three standing tall, arm-in-arm next to each other. No doubt ready to kill, or fu*k, each other. I think you know which I'm hoping for... 

But seriously, who would win in a fight Tilly or Fiona? Minus the wheelchair, of course. My money's on Tilly. Duh. But Fiona does look like she can kick a little ass. Alex there is looks like a baby with a beard. Glad to have him back.

There are only three people missing from this photo... And one of them shows up in yet another Tilly Tweet below. I'm talking about Don Mancini here. The other two are Mr. Big Papa Dourif, Brad, and that one little ginger fellow... can't recall his name right now... he was in all the other flicks.

All cute sh*t aside, here are the Tilly Tweets. Enjoy.


Pictured: my face whenever Jennifer Tilly comes onscreen in BRIDE OF CHUCKY

Extra Tidbit: No, but seriously, who wins in a fight: Fiona or Tilly? The answer: Us.
Source: Twitter



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