John Carpenter interested in adapting a Dead Space film

Game Informer recently spoke with horror director John Carpenter in an interview where he revealed that he would love to adapt DEAD SPACE into a film because it's "ready-made". My initial reaction upon hearing this news was f*ck yes! My mind immediately wandered to his brilliant sci-fi chiller THE THING which is one of my all-time favorite films and if you ask me, John Carpenter and DEAD SPACE are a match made in heaven.

"You know it's great," he told Game Informer. "The first game was more - I guess it was like Alien - but not quite. It was a little different than that."

"I maintain that Dead Space would just make a great movie because you have these people coming onto an abandoned, shut-down space ship and they have to start it up and something's on board. It's just great stuff.  I would love to make Dead Space [into a film], I'll tell you that right now. That one is ready-made."

I'd be on board for a DEAD SPACE film regardless of who was at the helm — getting John Carpenter would just be icing on the cake!

Extra Tidbit: If a DEAD SPACE film did ever happen, who would you like to see directing?
Source: VideoGamer



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