The Last Exorcism sequel update from star Ashley Bell

I don’t know about you guys, but I have something of a soft spot for THE LAST EXORCISM. While the mock-doc horror trend has offered us up many half-assed endeavors, EXORCISM isn't one of them. The film brought a lot of depth to its themes and characters, hooking the audience into the plight of the film’s charlatan protagonist and possibly possessed farm girl.

So successful was the film that star Ashley Bell (pictured below) trying to keep details under wraps when it comes to the pending sequel, the aptly titled BEGINNING OF THE END: LAST EXORCISM 2. When pressed in an interview, she did give her opinion on it: “It's again Eli Roth and Strike Entertainment. It's all done and scarier than the first one. I don't know how they did it," she said before joking, “I got a disembodied voice on the phone saying, 'Don't talk about the sequel.' [So] I'm sworn to secrecy."

Ashley, I admire your stoicism in the face of pressure, but I really would like an idea of what direction this sequel is going. After the jaw dropping finale of the first film, I get the title, but how can a sequel follow-up such a bold climax in a satisfying way? I suppose we’ll have to wait and see when the film finally hits theaters. BEGINNING OF THE END stars Bell, Louis Herthum (also returning from the first film), Spencer Treat Clark, Andrew Sensenig, and Muse Watson. Ed Glass-Donnelly will be directing from a script co-written with Damien Chazelle.

Extra Tidbit: I really enjoyed EXORCISM writers Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland's directorial debut, THE VIRGINITY HIT.



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