Laurie Bartram passes

As horror fans we all become accustomed to witnessing deaths on screen. But as many deaths as we see in the grisly style that the horror genre presents, the news of a death off-screen is always saddening. Unfortunatly it is my duty to pass along news of this nature to you, as just this past Friday, Laurie Bartram, who played Brenda in FRIDAY THE 13TH passed away. Bartram had been battling cancer for some time prior to her passing.

Before Bartram had been cast in FRIDAY THE 13TH, she had been trained as a dancer and had become a staple in the New York and Los Angeles acting scenes. Bartram had made several appearances on a variety of shows, including “Another World.” After the completion of FRIDAY THE 13TH Bartram became a born again Christian and quit the acting business. She lived with her husband and five children in Lynchburg, VA. Bartram was 49 years-old at the time of her death.

(Thanks for heads up on the saddening news John)



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