Li Bingbing to battle spiders in Kimble Rendall's Nest

Popular Chinese actress Li Bingbing, who is perhaps best known to global audiences for her appearances in TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION and RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION (where she played Ada Wong), has signed on to star in and produce the largest Chinese / Australian co-production ever, a 3-D sci-fi thriller entitled NEST.

Coming from the team behind the 2012 "sharks in a supermarket" film BAIT, 

NEST revolves around a team of scientists who while making the discovery of the century lose a colleague in an ancient labyrinth. The group must battle their way through a swarm of deadly, man-eating funnel web spiders and discover the secret behind the insects’ power and intelligence - before it’s too late.

Sounds like a movie that has the potential to creep out a lot of people, and could make for a very fun time in the theatre. It would be amusing to watch the reactions of audience members with arachnophobia as the movie's spiders leap out at them in 3-D.

Bingbing's fellow producers on the film are Gary Hamilton, Ying Ye, Mark Lazarus, and Serena Deng. Mike Gabrawy and Elliot Tong are executive producing.

NEST will be filmed in Australia's Gold Coast with Kimble Rendall at the helm. In addition to BAIT, Rendall directed the cool Molly Ringwald slasher CUT, which was released back in 2000.

Extra Tidbit: Would you go see NEST in 3-D?



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