Halloween! My favorite Michael Myers masks!

What better way to celebrate the Halloween season than by taking a look at our favorite Samhain slasher MICHAEL "BOOGEYMAN" MYERS and his Halloween face-wear of choice, his famous white mask! It has changed considerably from film to film and here's my breakdown, least favorites to tops! Agree? disagree? Stab away like I was your sister below!

2- Myers mask from Halloween (1978)

Sometimes less results in more. Due to lack of coin, the makers of Halloween had to use the cheapest mask that they could find; a Star Trek William Shatner mask. They made the holes of the eyes bigger, teased its hair and painted it white. The result was one of the most frightening and iconic slasher mask on the chopping block. Scary peering out of the shadows and in bright daylight!

1- Myers mask from Halloween 2 (1981)

The mask here was the same that was used in the original Halloween but the paint had faded since and what was left had become more of a yellowish color due to dust and ample cigarette smoke (from producer Debra Hill who owned the mask after the shoot of Part 1). So this is my favorite version of the mask. Old school with a morbid twist! There's just something mucho unsettling about it.

4- Myers mask from Halloween 8 (2002)

The film was ass on a stick but the mask here (and the way it was lit), combined with Brad Loree's aggressive performance made sure I remembered this Michael as one of the scariest. This was the "I mean business" Myers mask. Too bad Busta Rhymes didn't get the memo.

3- Myers mask from Halloween 2 (2009)

The grungy and mucho battle worn mask Michael pimped in Rob Zombie's second remake installment Halloween 2 always did it for me. Similar as the one in Zombie's Part 1 but damaged! Myers never looked more pissed off and dangerous.

8- Myers mask from Halloween 6 (1985)

I never cared for this bulky and off the rack version of the mask. Looked slap dash to me. Like they didn't even try to get it right. Yawn.

7- Myers mask from Halloween 4 (1988)

I call this one the bland and mature Myers mask. I see this mask with its well combed hair and all I can think of is "Uncle Michael". All that's missing is a cardigan. Kind of boring. NOTE: That one shot in the movie (schoolhouse scene) where the mask has freaky blonde hair was actually the original Captain Kirk mask used in the original. They were gonna use that mask for the shoot, but then decided to go with their own version.

9- Myers mask from Halloween 5 (1989)

From my point of view Dominique Othenin-Girard's Halloween 5 did everything wrong and yes right down to the Myers mask deviated too much from The Shape's token face wear for my liking. This came off more like Micheal's backwards yee-haw cousin than the genuine article. Awful looking! Fuck this mask and fuck this movie!

5- Myers mask from Halloween 7 (1998)

Many versions of the mask were used in H20 (the first time we see Mike, he's wearing a Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers mask) but it's the sleek, big eyes, alien grey like version of it that was in the movie for the bulk of the running time that gave me the willies. Didn't care for the flick (the sell-out of Michael Myers) but loved the mask!

6- Myers mask from Halloween (2007)

Myers washed out and lightly ruined mask here fit like a glove in terms of Rob Zombie's more grungy and grounded rendition of Myers and it stabbed me right!
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