Top 10 Most Anticipated Genre Flicks Of 2015!

Hard to believe, isn't it? Another year in the books, another flip of the calendar...goddamn where does the time go?! Well consider this a giant Happy New Years shout-out from us here at AITH. Here's to a killer upcoming 12 months! Speaking of, as we always do this time of year, it's time to look ahead in terms of 2015 genre film releases. We have a ton of kick-ass movies coming out next year - big, small, original, sequel, reboot - from new directors and old proven vets alike. Should be a great f*ckin' year at the movies! So, with no further adieu, let's just get right into it. Peep our most Anticipated Genre Flicks Of 2015 above!


Oh dear Jah please let there be no more bumps, delays and devious detours in FURY ROAD, the three decade-long awaited MAD MAX sequel from visionary George Miller. Please let the journey be complete this time...and a well worthy one at that! Goddamn we've been waiting, writing, updating this sucker for years...and now, finally...with my girl Charlize Theron and the always un-f*ck-with-able Tom Hardy finally cranking the throttle on May 15th...we couldn't be more keyed-up. Bring on the dusty, desolate dystopia Mr. Miller...we're more than ready for it!


Anytime Mexican visionary Guillermo del Toro laces up his horror gloves, we know we're in for a gory 12-round fright-fest! And frankly, coming off the tepidly met mega-monster-mash in PACIFIC RIM...getting back to more grounded, character based thrills and chills might just be the best target for Guillermo to reestablish his punching power! What's more, del Toro is working from an original screenplay he co-wrote with pal Matthew Robbins and Lucinda Coxon...which has attracted the A-list likes of Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Charlie Hunnam and Mia Wasikowska. Oh, and what's a del Toro flick without the great Doug Bradley? Can't fucking wait!


He's Baaauuuucccchhhh! No shit y'all, the near septuagenarian Schwarzenegger is in full leather and tight coif mode...ready to try what Harry Ford could not pull off in Indy 4 by credibly returning - old fucking geezer style - to the mega-franchise that made them so popular in the first place. Think he can pull it off? I guess the jury will sing on July 1st, when TERMINATOR: GENISYS boots up. Longtime TV and THOR 2 director Alan Taylor (what-up PALOOKAVILLE!) is helming GENISYS, which also stars Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, JK Simmons, Jason Clarke, Sandrine Holt, Matt Smith and Courtney B. Vance.


Always a dicey proposition when a movie has a release date less than a year away and still hasn't a writer or director attached. But I don't give a good goddamn, when my man Voorhees comes a knocking...I answer! Now, word has recently spilled that the new flick will feature an entire new story involving our favorite masked madman Jason, and will have zero to do with both the 1980 original and the 2009 rehash. Definitely intriguing, even if the odious stench of the latter Platinum Dunes redo is still in the air. Simply put, as far as the Big Slasher 3 go (Freddy, Jason, Michael), Voorhees has always been my number 1 with a bullet!


Oh hell yes...what better way to ring in the new year than with a viral cataclysm of the goriest order? That's right my friends...the 4th infective round of REC, portentously titled REC: APOCALYPSE, is finally set to break out as early as January 2nd. I for one have always dug the hell out of this claustrophobic yet wildly kinetic Spanish franchise, and with co-directors Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero splitting up to tackle parts 3 and 4, respectively (with Balaguero helming APOCALYPSE), shite's getting a bit more personal. Also, no dissing the lovely Leticia Dolera, but I'm stoked to see franchise original star Manuela Velasco return to the sickness!


Not sure about you, or if it was mere presence of Ethan Hawke that elevated the overall material, but I dug SINISTER quite a bit. A slow builder for sure, a simmering pressure cooker if you will, but in the end it paid off pretty deliciously. And while Hawke isn't aboard the so very imaginatively titled SINISTER 2, original writer C. Robert Cargill is. That's good enough for me right there, so when you toss in the always fuckable Shannyn Sossamon (where ya been girl!?), not to mention the returning face of James Ransone (going from the character of Deputy in the original to a character called So & So in the sequel?), what's not to like? Well, other than the title.


It's alive...alive! If for no other reason than to make necessary cinematic amends for utter abomination of this year's I, FRANKENSTEIN...I'm putting faith in the English adaptation of VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN. After-all, the diverse chap who gave us GANGSTER NO. 1, THE RECKONING and WICKER PARK (director Paul McGuigian) is tasked with resurrecting the age old titular monster, doing so from a script adaptation (of Mary Shelley) by John Landis' son Max. Oh, and then there's the cast. Sorry Aaron Eckhart and your abs, but I'll take my dramaturgical chances with esteemed British thesps like James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe, Andrew Scott and the rest.


After the somewhat so-so second chapter, the main reason I'm all revved up to peep INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 is because of who's helming. After toiling away as a longtime actor and co-writer of James Wan's, fellow Aussie Leigh Whannell (who plays Specs in the INSIDIOUS flicks) is finally making his directorial debut. Not just that, but he solely scripted part 3, which means he just may have total autonomy as far as his vision is concerned. No compromises, no interference, no settling. Granted, Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson have been replaced by Stefanie Scott and Dermot Mulroney, but at least horror hall of famer Lin Shaye is back on board!


As currently constituted, Paramount's high-concept horror-comedy SCOUTS VS. ZOMBIES is the only movie slated to come out the week of Halloween. That alone would make it an enticing draw, but having personally visited the set last June, I can safely say this movie won't be skimping on the carnage. In fact, I was assured repeatedly, in turn corroborated by the one grisly scene I witnessed being shot, that the flick would be a hard R-rated throwback of sorts. But then again, they all say that. Even so, the trials of a threesome of boy-scout pariahs who run into a swarming horde of undead ghouls sounds like too much fun to pass up!


While I do wish Spielberg went ahead and directed the 4th installment himself (come on now, it couldn't have been worse than THE LOST WORLD), the technological advances between JURASSIC PARK III in 2001 and now absolutely warrant a new tour through JURASSIC WORLD. Just so long as the flick wasn't merely made to necessitate the pandering of built-in theme park rides and ancillary happy meal sales, I'm good! Not so sold on unproven director Colin Trevorrow, but I do like the supporting likes of Judy Greer, Vincent D'Onofrio and Irrfan Khan enough to know they'll bring some grounded reality to the prehistoric chaos.

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