Little Shop of remakes

Pretty big remake news just hit the web, this coming from ShockTillYouDrop: Seems that the Roger Corman "classic" LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (a film I've still never seen) is ready to be remade again. (Heck, it's already been just over 20 years since the last one, so naturally it's about time!)

Director Declan O'Brien, who just made WRONG TURN 3, will be taking the helm, with Corman's blessing. He's apparently already signed on the dotted line to do it; Andrew Tannenbaum (the three Jason Bourne films) will be on as a producer.

O'Brien told STYD: "I have a take on it you're not going to expect. I'm taking it in a different direction, let's put it that way." Might he mean that it'll be a full-blooded horror flick?

Head on over HERE to read the entire scoop. I, for one, am mixed about this news. I don't really have much affinity for the 1986 version, and have never seen the musical or the original, so I'm not protective of the property at all. I guess it's just the same ennui that I feel after all remake news nowadays. What say you folks?

Extra Tidbit: Madonna was reportedly considered for the role of "Audrey" (1) in the 1986 version.
Source: STYD



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