Malcolm McDowell is one pissed off Employer in this new hostage-thriller

McDowell and Zane? Do I smell a buddy-cop picture in the future?

Until that glorious day comes, I urge you to work for THE EMPLOYER, a new hostage-thriller starring the two hardened genre vets. Frank Merle wrote and directed for Vision Films; we have the teaser trailer below for you to catch up with below.

THE EMPLOYER sees five candidates vying for the same job for a corporations whose business practices are shrouded in mystery. On the night before the last interview they are contacted by the interviewer informing they will be picked up, only to find themselves waking up after being drugged trapped in a room all together. Not what they had in mind at all.

McDowell in super sadistic mode is the shite. Every movie should be so lucky. Unfortunately for THE EMPLOYER - also starring Paige Howard, Katerina Mikailenko, Nicki Aycox (below) and David Dastmalchian - there's no telling when we'll get to see it. When we do though, you'll be there.

Extra Tidbit: In a fight...Zane or McDowell?
Source: Vision Films



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