Mandalay Vision takes Exit 147, a psychological cat-and-mouse thriller

Any fans of the British RED RIDING trilogy? If so, this next bit of news might be right up your bloody alley...

Deadline has it that Mandalay Vision is moving forward with an indie thriller called EXIT 147, which RED RIDING (1974, part 1) director Julian Jarrold (seen right) will helm. Production will commence this summer from a script written by Travis Milloy (PANDORUM).

Here's the skinny: A young father driving cross country to see his daughter is stopped by a sheriff at Exit 147, and it turns into a psychological game of cat and mouse with deadly consequences.

Sounds decent, with shades of maybe THE HITCHER. I know our man Eric Red doesn't want to hear that, but if accurate, this has to be better than the odious remake, right? Or maybe it'll be completely different, maybe with shades of Ammon's favorite movie EXIT 33. I've yet to see the RED RIDING series (have it queued up though), so I can't speak to Jarrold's talents, but everything I've heard about it has been positive. I'd be more worried about the script from the guy who gave us STREET GUN, JUST LIKE MONA and PANDORUM. Worth noting.

More on EXIT 147 as it ramps up...

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Source: Deadline



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